Amber Sativa Massages a Client’s Cock

Amber Sativa jerking a cockChances are you’ve heard of masseuses who provide extra services not listed on the spa menu. Amber Sativa is one such masseuse and there is absolutely no shame in her game because as long as she has some extra time at the end of her session, she is more than happy to give her lucky clients a happy ending. The client on the receiving end of the blonde’s extra service in this new episode from is Jason and a few strategic strokes on his shaft is all it takes for man goo to come bubbling from his balls creating a beautiful mess on the massage table.

Amber Sativa has a few minutes to kill in between appointments when Jason finds his way to her table. The sexy blonde masseuse has always had a soft spot for him so she makes time to work out the kinks in his back and front before working her way down to his groin area. She disrobes and mounts him arching her back as she leans in to massage his cock.

sexy blonde massaging a male client Amber Sativa strips and prepares to jerk off her client sexy babe massages a man's cock

Every stroke is deliciously slow but firm gently coaxing cum from the prick. Then the pace picks up and the beautiful blonde teen masseuse jerks Jason’s cock really fast until he explodes all over her table. The cum explosion is messy and relaxing at the same time and for Amber Sativa, this is yet another successful session for the books. You can see this sensual cock massage video exclusively at

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Chloe Sky Jacking Off Her Horny Boss

teen babe grabs a big hard dickLet this episode from be a lesson to all slutty teen babes out there – the fastest way to get out of a jam is by offering the person who busted you a handjob -at least that is exactly what the very fast thinking Chloe Sky does in this teen tugging video when she gets caught playing with her pussy instead of babysitting like she was hired to do.

Let’s face it, masturbation feels good otherwise we all wouldn’t do it. Some people do it more than others and Chloe Sky is one of those people. Whenever she is all by herself, the slender brunette teen likes to flick her bean and finger herself until she orgasms and on this day, assuming she has the house all to herself, she spreads out on the couch and slides her fingers to her moist pussy but just as she’s getting in the zone, in walks her boss and he is shocked and excited by the sight of the naked teen nympho. His excitement is evident in the fact that a bulge forms in his pants and once Chloe spots it, she knows she has found a way out of her sticky situation.

Chloe sky jerking a monster prick brunette teen giving a handjob teen with small tits jerking cock

The teen hottie slips off her panties exposing her shaved snatch and she grabs the throbbing prick with one hand, jerking it hard before leaning into Mr. Johnson’s lap and stroking his big dick with both her hands. The pulsating cock clasped in between her tiny hands gets Chloe Sky extra moist in between the legs and she jerks the older guy off faster and faster until he explodes…you can see where his jizz lands only at

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Teen Hailey Reed Makes Him Spurt On The Mirror

Hot Hailey finds a guy in her closet
This week’s update to features teen hottie Hailey Reed in a brand new video and photo set. While changing in her room, she notices someone standing in her closet checking her out. At first she freaks out but after seeing how hot he is she is more than willing to milk his dong.

Hailey Reed is one sexy teen that has a sensational body. Her tits are perky, and her ass is like a peach, perfectly good to take a bite out of it. While she was staying in her room, trying on bras, she notices that someone is in her closet, starring at her. She quickly heads over there demanding explanations and when the guy says he was checking her out she suddenly became more interested in him. It is her time to check him out! This babe goes straight to action and doesn’t waste a minute. Wearing just her pink lingerie she easily made the guy’s dong get hard, and wanted to offer him some pleasure. She took out a bottle of lube and started spreading it all over his big dick. This teen hottie loves to see his dick getting harder and harder as she rubs it with passion.

Hailey Reed asks for explanations Teenage Hailey Reed rubs dick Hailey Reed gives hand job on her knees

Standing in front of the mirror, the guy enjoys every second of the hand job, and starts touching Hailey’s body. She takes off her bra, and lets her boobs free. This makes it easier for the guy to grab them and squeeze them as he gets his dick rubbed hard. This chick really knows what she is doing, as you can see his dick getting bigger and bigger, almost ready to ejaculate. Her hands are magical and she enjoys wrapping them around such a big dong.

If you want to see how their hand job session ends and enjoy the hot experience, check out the entire video and a naughty photo set at in the members’ area.

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