Alyssa Hart Makes a Big Boner Burst

Alyssa Hart giving a handjobTeen sensation Alyssa Hart is back and she may be a little bit blonder but she’s still pretty enthusiastic about milking big dicks until they explode like in this super hot handjob episode from where the certified handjob queen offers her gratitude to Billy for his help by giving him a hand – literally. She grabs his monster cock and tenderly caresses it, getting it hard before pining his body down with her leg and jerking him off until he cums.

If there is one thing Alyssa Hart has perfected down to a T, it’s the art of giving a handjob. She’s so good at milking cocks with her hands that it’s no wonder that she takes every opportunity to show off like on this day when she meets up with Billy. The hunky guy has been very helpful in the past and the petite teen babe can’t think of a better way to thank him than by jerking his cock. He lays naked on his back while she remains fully clothed as she starts slowly stroking his cock. Then she slides her orange top down revealing a set of perky round tits as she increases the intensity of her tugging.

petite blonde teen jerks a big cock Alyssa Hart tugging a big cock Alyssa Hart makes a cock explode with her hands

This blonde hottie knows that the two-hand handjob technique produces the best results so she grabs Billy’s big dick with both her hands and twists and turns while jerking up and down at the same time. This is a technique guaranteed to make the lucky stud shoot his load out and he doesn’t disappoint because he unloads a jizz load of epic proportion surprising even Alyssa Hart.

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Alyssa Hart Loves Milking Monster Cocks

teen jerks off a big cock in a carAlyssa Hart is a fan favorite so it makes sense that this handjob episode featuring the tiny sexy teen is the highest rated episode on The hot babe’s car breaks down and even though she doesn’t subscribe to roadside assistance, Mr. Johnson swoops in and saves the day but not without making the teen nympho pay a rather messy price for his help.

Mr. Johnson’s wife has been away for a few weeks so the poor guy hasn’t had a release in weeks and his system is backed up with cum just waiting to be coaxed out. He spots Alyssa Hart stranded on the side of the road and stops to help her out. The sight of her tight teen body and small perky tits gives him an instant boner and the sight of the ever increasing bulge forming in his parts gets the teen babe moist in between in her legs. So the duo agrees to a mutual fun time in the car and out comes Mr. Johnson’s big Johnson so Alyssa can play with it.

alyssa hart stroking a monster prick teen babe giving a sensual handjob teen milks a giant cock

If there was any question as to whether Alyssa Hart is good with her hands, those questions and doubts will be erased by the impressive jacking she performs in this video. She wraps her hands around Mr. Johnson’s big dick and alternates between stroking it up and down and twisting from side to side and her handjob skills are so wicked good that it doesn’t take too long for her to make the older man’s cock explode. The relief Mr. Johnson gets from the handjob lets him know that picking up the stranded teen hottie was the best decision he made all day! You can watch the entire car handjob video at

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Alyssa Hart Milks Mr. Franklin’s Monster Dick With Two Hands

petite teen jerking big dickMy favorite pint-sized teen is back and as usual she is taking on a giant prick but if you know Alyssa Hart, then you already know who comes out ahead in this race but knowing the outcome doesn’t mean you’re excused from witnessing this awesome cock tugging action, afterall that is why you came here in the first place! The entire teen handjob video is available in the member area of along with 57 pictures.

Alyssa Hart borrows Mr. Franklin’s car and unfortunately wrecks it. She is broke and can’t afford to fix it so Mr. Franklin agrees to let her pay him back in kind. His idea of repayment is right up the teen nympho’s alley because it involves her playing with Mr. Franklin’s big Johnson. The petite teen hottie has seen quite a few dicks in her lifetime but never as big as the one that pops out of the older man’s pants but she has never shied away from a challenge so she grabs the big schlong, wraps both her tiny hands around it and starts stroking it with all her might.

teen with small tits jerks cock Alyssa Hart giving a firm handjob teen babe milks a big prick

Jerking the big dick is all the exercise Alyssa Hart needs as the muscles in her arms twitch and flex with every stroke she administers to the prick in front of her. This cute teen is the queen of two-hand handjobs and she gets Mr. Franklin to burst his nut by strategically placing one hand around his sensitive head and another at the base of the cock and jerking his cock hard and fast. Alyssa isn’t the only teen tugging monster cocks though and you can see other teens just like her only at

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Teen Babe Alyssa Hart Milking Mr. Johnson

alyssa-hart-excited-by-a-big-cockIn the latest episode on Alyssa Hart is not letting a simple thing like being knocked up get in the way of her having fun with a man much older than her. Her demonstration of her cock stroking skills on his long hard cock has him gripping the sides of his chair as he explodes all over himself.

A gorgeous lazy day chilling out by the beach turns into a fun handjob session between Alyssa Hart and the much older well-endowed Mr. Johnson. The pregnant teen cutie admits that she wouldn’t be knocked up if she had stuck to swallowing semen and giving handjobs at which point the opportunistic older guy asks her to demonstrate her cock stroking skills on his cock so he can see if she would be any good at jacking off cocks.

She gladly obliges and gets down on her knees where she proceeds to remove Mr. Johnson’s pants and stroke some life into his limp cock. He tells her to reach for the lube and she does so, spurting drops of the lube generously up and down his long cock until it’s all slippery. She then gets to work trying to make the older guy ejaculate using just her hands.

alyssa-hart-strokes-mr-johnson's-cock alyssa-hart-grips-a-big-cock alyssa-hart-plays-in-cum-after-giving-a-handjob

Even though she is just a teen babe, this hottie has definitely been around the block a few times and knows how to milk a cock with her hands, a fact that seems to take Mr. Johnson by surprise. She grips his cock hard and roughly strokes it until he slides further down in his chair, trying rather unsuccessfully to hold back the orgasm building up in his body.

He reaches over to her exposed firm boobs and pinches them hard while she continues tugging at his hard meat until a very thick creamy load comes spurting out of his cock. This is full length cock milking episode is available for viewing and download on along with several other teen handjob episodes.

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Alyssa Hart takes care of big cock

Alyssa Hart takes a relaxing bubbles bath

In this week’s video, Alyssa Hart is performing a nice handjob scene with the perverted old guy Mr. Franklin. He accidentally enters in her room surprising her naked, and from that moment on, everything’s easy to imagine.

Alyssa Hart is a cute redhead teen, and she will surprise you by how innocent she looks. In this video she wanted to relax a little bit and she decided to take a bath, for putting her thoughts in order. She just filled the tub and covered her body in bubbles, getting ready for a long relaxation when Mr. Franklin entered the room, pretending that he wasn’t aware that she was taking a bath. You’d say “How convenient!”, but when he loses his towel in front of her, also accidentally, you can understand that everything’s part of a plan to convince her take care of his cock.

Alyssa Hart is surprised by Mr Franklin Mr Franklin accidentally loses his towel Alyssa Hart decides to give him a handjob

Although she seemed a little bit shy when he entered the room and saw her naked, when she noticed his large package, she became interested in playing with him a little bit. After complementing him, Alyssa couldn’t help herself and asked him to join her in the tub. She started touching his dick and shortly after that he went hard, letting her give him a very rewarding handjob.

Probably in the moment when she got on her knees, between his legs, he realized that this teen is decided to make him ejaculate, and she won’t stop until she does that. The gentle rubbing suddenly turned into a fast back and forth movement and it was just a matter of time till he’ll ejaculate all over.

Alyssa Hart is always a kinky girl that loves trying new things, but in this video she really overwhelmed any expectations. That’s why you should check out this movie right now, available only in our member’s area.

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Alyssa Hart Milks Mr. Franklin

Alyssa Hart takes out her stepdad's cock and strokes itIn this week’s update to a brand new video and photo set has been released. It features the cute redheaded teen Alyssa Hart and her stepdad Mr. Franklin. Alyssa has to pay for damage she did to Mr. Franklin’s car, with her hands!

Mr. Franklin, Alyssa Hart’s stepdad, was being nice to her for once and let Alyssa borrow his car. While Alyssa was cruising around she was talking on her cell phone and became distracted. That’s when Alyssa rammed the car in front of her that was stopped at a traffic light. She knew that she was in big trouble and went straight home to take the heat.

When she told her stepdad what happened he was pissed off. He demanded that Alyssa pay for all the damages to his car and the other car that she hit. Having no money, and no job, Alyssa couldn’t do that even if she wanted to. Alyssa gave her stepdad a pouty look and puppy dog eyes while saying she was sorry and will do anything to make it better. That’s when her stepdad had an idea pop into his head. “Give me a handjob once a week for a month and we’ll call it even,” he told his stepdaughter. Alyssa Hart couldn’t believe those words just came out of his mouth. It actually kind of turned her on to think of her stepdad wanting to have a sexual experience with her. Alyssa Hart agreed to do what he asked.

Alyssa Hart wanks her stepdad's cockTopless Alyssa Hart gives her stepdad a tugjobTopless Alyssa Hart jerks off her stepdad

Mr. Franklin approached the bed that Alyssa Hart was sitting on and pushed his hips out in a motion to Alyssa Hart that it was time to begin giving him a handjob. Alyssa got the point and unzipped her stepdad’s pants taking out his semi hard cock. It was already so big that Alyssa was having trouble fitting her tiny hands around her stepdad’s cock. Mr. Franklin felt so naughty about what was happening, and so sexually excited that his half hard cock grew to a full erection in seconds. Alyssa began moving her petite hand from the base of his dick to the head and back down again. She heard her stepdad make moaning sounds that reassured Alyssa she was giving him a good tugjob.

Mr. Franklin lay on the bed with Alyssa and took his pants off. Now Alyssa had access to his balls and began to play with them as well. Her stepdad loved her tiny hands trying to play with his big balls and started moaning louder and more frequently. Alyssa Hart watched his cock and his balls swell and knew he was going to cum soon! Watch the full length video of Alyssa Hart and her stepdad inside the member’s area of You’ll get to see the incredible ending to this story!

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