Chloe Sky Jacking Off Her Horny Boss

teen babe grabs a big hard dickLet this episode from be a lesson to all slutty teen babes out there – the fastest way to get out of a jam is by offering the person who busted you a handjob -at least that is exactly what the very fast thinking Chloe Sky does in this teen tugging video when she gets caught playing with her pussy instead of babysitting like she was hired to do.

Let’s face it, masturbation feels good otherwise we all wouldn’t do it. Some people do it more than others and Chloe Sky is one of those people. Whenever she is all by herself, the slender brunette teen likes to flick her bean and finger herself until she orgasms and on this day, assuming she has the house all to herself, she spreads out on the couch and slides her fingers to her moist pussy but just as she’s getting in the zone, in walks her boss and he is shocked and excited by the sight of the naked teen nympho. His excitement is evident in the fact that a bulge forms in his pants and once Chloe spots it, she knows she has found a way out of her sticky situation.

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The teen hottie slips off her panties exposing her shaved snatch and she grabs the throbbing prick with one hand, jerking it hard before leaning into Mr. Johnson’s lap and stroking his big dick with both her hands. The pulsating cock clasped in between her tiny hands gets Chloe Sky extra moist in between the legs and she jerks the older guy off faster and faster until he explodes…you can see where his jizz lands only at

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Teenage Handjobbery with Chloe Sky and an Older Man

Chloe Sky gets caught masturbating

In this week’s update to we’re given a brand new, full length video and high quality photo set featuring Chloe Sky. She gets caught masturbating while on her babysitting gig!

Chloe Sky loved babysitting for the Smiths. They paid her well, weren’t very strict, and the hours were perfect. Chloe could go over to the house, have the kid in bed an hour after she arrived, and then spend the rest of the night doing exactly as she pleased.

Chloe always got very horny during the night time. This worked out well at the Smith’s house because there wasn’t much to do, they had all the porn channels on TV, and she was completely alone in the living room to masturbate. In the four years she has been sitting for the Smiths they have never come home earlier than midnight. Chloe Sky knew exactly how many hours she could rub her pussy completely uninterrupted for.

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Unfortunately for Chloe Sky, tonight was a completely different story. Mr. Smith left his wife at the party because he wasn’t feeling so well. She was going to get a ride home with his friend and he was heading home early to bed. Mr. Smith walked in the door and right next to him on the couch in just her panties was Chloe. She was furiously rubbing her pussy and almost didn’t notice him enter. She jumped and couldn’t believe she was half-naked and masturbating while Mr. Smith stood there stunned. They both stood in silence for a good minute. It had to be the longest minute of Chloe’s life. Then, Mr. Smith spoke, “I won’t tell Mrs. Smith about this and I understand that girls your age need to do this type of thing.”

Chloe Sky was so relieved that she ran up to Mr. Smith, still topless, and wrapped her arms around him. “Thank you, Mr. Smith, thank you!” Chloe said so relieved and happy. That’s when she felt Mr. Smith beginning to get a bulge in the front of his pants from the topless hug. She grinded her panty clad pussy against his growing cock and held him tight. There was no doubt that Mr. Smith was rock hard.

She pushed him down onto the couch and began to unbuckle his pants. He put up a very weak objection and then let Chloe take his cock out of his pants and begin to give him a handjob. This guy had all the luck. Not only does he get to see Chloe Sky with no top on, but now he’s getting a handjob from the teen babe!

If you would like to see how far the handjob goes, if they get caught by Mrs. Smith, and anything else that may happen, check out the member’s area of! You can see the entire video there!

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