Oxuanna Envy Makes A Startling Handjob Confession

Oxuanna-Envy-stroking-cockOxuanna Envy doesn’t have a memorable name but what you won’t soon forget are her cock jerking skills that are so impressive, you won’t believe she is relatively new to the whole cock stroking thing. Her handjob confession is the latest update at TeenTugs.com and this cute teen babe will make you burst your own nut once you see her doing her thing.

When Oxuanna Envy and Mr. Johnson’s paths cross, the cutie has only given two handjobs in her whole life but she admits to enjoying the experience so much that she’s willing to give it another try. Mr. Johnson agrees to let her use him as her practicing tool and she wraps her hand around his limp dick and strokes it until it gets really hard and long.

The teen nympho starts off with slow strokes and she plays with Mr. Johnson’s balls as his dick grows bigger and bigger in her palms. She flirts with him and grins as she circles the head of his cock with her thumb. She then forms a circle with two of her fingers and traps the hard cock inside the circle while continuing with the slow strokes. When her partner is fully aroused, Oxuanna Envy takes off her pink top and reveals her big round perky tits as she prepares to do some serious cock stroking.

Oxuanna-Envy-chokes-cock Oxuanna-Envy-milking-cock busty-teen-Oxuanna-Envy-jerks-cock

She grabs Mr. Johnson’s cock with both her hands and lubricates it before milking the hell out of it. It’s hard to believe that this brunette cutie is actually a handjob virgin because she brings the hung stud close to an orgasm a few times before slowing down long enough for him to calm himself down. She playfully slaps his prick a bit and then milks it really hard until he bursts a nut all over her fingers.

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Michelle Maverick Wants a Cumload for Christmas

Michelle Maverick opens a gift and sees a cock

In this week’s episode of ClubTug.com we’re given a full length video and picture set of Michelle Maverick. All she wants for Christmas is a big cock to stroke and she gets exactly that!

Michelle Maverick’s boyfriend has something special planned for her. He’s been making a unique gift for Michelle, and for himself, while she’s been at work. When she finally arrives home for the day, Michelle’s boyfriend is standing at the door with a present in his hands that is held by his waist. “Oh honey, is this for me?” Michelle asked with an excited tone and a big smile across her face. Her boyfriend assured her that the gift was definitely hers and told her to sit on the couch.

Michelle Maverick strokes the cock she is given for ChristmasMichelle Maverick grabs and tugs her Christmas cockMichelle Maverick loves her hard christmas cock so much she gives it a handjob

Her boyfriend carried the gift over to Michelle and sat across from her. He kept the gift at waist level and set it on the coffee table. Michelle Maverick didn’t notice the extra care he was taking to keep the gift in front of his cock. Then, she opened it and started laughing. Michelle couldn’t believe that her boyfriend had actually fooled her in such a way. Inside the gift was a hole cut and her boyfriend’s cock shoved through it! “Now this is a damn fine Christmas present!” Michelle said as she reached in and grabbed her boyfriend’s dick that was slowly getting hard.

“Can I take it out or must I stroke it inside the box?” Michelle asked of her boyfriend. “You have to give it a handjob inside the box and it will give you another present!” Her boyfriend playfully said. Michelle did just that. She began stroking his cock until he was fully erect inside the Christmas decorated box. She grabbed the base of his dick tightly with one hand and used her other petite hand to continue stroking and giving a holiday handjob to her lover. “Oh baby, I think my other present is going to CUM soon!” Michelle said in a sultry voice as she continued to wank her boyfriend. Michelle Maverick may just be an inexperienced teenager, but she was giving one hell of a tugjob!

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Oxuanna Envy Will Beat Him If She Can’t Join Him

Oxuanna Envy is cleaning the kitchen in a pair of lace pantiesIn this week’s update to TeenTugs.com we’re given a full length video and a photo set of Oxuanna Envy. She is cleaning the kitchen when attacked by her horny boyfriend who wants to cum!

Oxuanna Envy is minding her own business and cleaning her kitchen when she’s groped by her boyfriend from behind. He’s horny as hell and wants Oxuanna to finally give in and let him have sex with her. She’s a tough girl who stands her ground and rejects him on the spot. It’s not that she doesn’t want to, she’s horny too! She just doesn’t think they have been together long enough to have sex yet. So, she offers her boyfriend a compromise, “I’ll give you a handjob if you promise to stop groping me tonight.” Her boyfriend makes the promise and Oxuanna grabs his crotch, staying true to her word.

Oxuanna Envy is stripping naked in her kitchenOxuanna Envy is giving a teen handjobOxuanna Envy takes a hard cock in her tiny teen hand

Oxuanna Envy drops to her knees on her now clean kitchen floor in front of her boyfriend. She sees the bulge in his pants and knows he’s ready for his cock to get tugged. Unzipping his pants, Oxuanna takes his thick cock out and tries to fit her tiny teen hand around its shaft. She has such petite hands that it becomes difficult to give a handjob with just one. She grabs his cock with both hands and starts rubbing his prick. “I love your thick cock!” Oxuanna says to her boyfriend who equally loves her dirty talk and moans with pleasure. “Tell me how much you love it, baby!” Her boyfriend demands of her.

“I love it so much that I want to feel it squirt all over me!” That really gets her boyfriend going and he lets out a long groan. “I love it so much that I want to taste your cum!” She again teases him with her wicked tongue. “Oh fuck!” Is the only thing her boyfriend can get out of his mouth. His cock was now harder than it’s ever been and he swears this is the best handjob he’s ever got in his entire life!

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Krystal Banks Is a Teen Slacker Jacker

Krystal Banks sexy teen babeIn this week’s update to TeenTugs.com comes a new video and photo set featuring teen babe Krystal Banks. She was hired to clean the neighbor’s house and has slacked off on the job. She must now find a way to repay the money she was advanced.

Krystal Banks was given a month’s worth of pay to clean her neighbor’s house while he was away on business. When her neighbor came home, the house was dusty, the garbage wasn’t removed, and it looked as though someone was partying. He found Krystal sleeping on the couch, woke her up, and inquired as to what she had been doing for the entire month. She admitted to slacking off on the job and spending the month’s pay. The neighbor demanded Krystal pay back the money, immediately! Having no way to do so, Krystal tried to make a deal with older gentleman. A teen tugjob for the dirty mess she left!

The proposition certainly grabbed the business man’s interest. Krystal Banks is a beautiful teen girl with an amazing body. He would probably never have the opportunity to be with such a young and gorgeous girl ever again. “Let’s go for it!” That was all Krystal needed to hear. She dropped to her knees in front of the older man and began massaging his cock through his pants. The man stood there, looked down at Krsytal, and smiled. She gave a wicked grin right back to the man from below. Both of them had the exact same thought, “This is well-worth a month’s pay!”

Krystal Banks flashes her teen titsKrystal Banks uses both hands to give a teen handjobKrystal Banks gets on her knees and gives a teen tugjob

His cock was hardening from the teasing it was receiving through his pants. Krystal Banks unbuckled his belt and unzipped his pants letting them drop to his ankles. She then yanked down his briefs and watched his cock spring upward and bounce into place right in front of her face. Krystal grabbed the man’s cock and started to stroke it from the base to the head. She squeezed his cock tightly and looked up to see the pleasure she had caused to come across the older man’s face. Krystal loved giving handjobs, and she enjoyed older men, this was the perfect combination! She cupped his big balls and increased her pace of jerking his cock. They both had the exact same thought again, “I love every second of this!”

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