Teen Ivy Sinn Is the Handjob Slut

Ivy Sinn offers her friend a handjob as a study break relief

In this week’s update to TeenTugs.com we’re given a new video and photo set featuring teen babe Ivy Sinn. She has a handjob fetish and needs to wrap her hands around a cock, even if it’s just a guy friend.

Ivy Sinn is a sexy young teen babe with a great smile and a hot body. She also happens to have a fetish, a handjob fetish. Ivy has been giving tugjobs to guys ever since her fingers wrapped around her first dick. She never had to look hard for guy friends!

It’s been about a week since the young cutie has given a handjob and she’s desperate to find someone that will let her give him a wank. She thought of her friend from school and how he wanted to get together and study. Ivy decided to give him a call and have him come over in hopes of convincing him to forget about the schoolwork and focus on the sexual attention she needs.

Teen Ivy Sinn is getting ready to give her friend a handjob Teen Ivy Sinn takes her top off and shows off her natural boobs Teen Ivy Sinn uses both hands to stroke her friend's cock

He came over to Ivy’s house and was ready to study when the teen babe started running her hands over his body. He was a little intimidated at first, but soon let Ivy Sinn put her hands wherever she wanted. Her tiny teen hands drifted downward and grazed over his hardening penis. She massaged and squeezed his cock from the outside of his pants until his erection was becoming painful.

Ivy Sinn dropped to her knees in front of her study buddy and unzipped his pants. She wrapped her petite hands around his thick cock and began pumping his dick. She squeezed and twisted as her hands worked their way up and down his shaft. Ivy Sinn may still be a teen, but she gives handjobs like a seasoned pro. Her pussy was dripping wet and she began taking off pieces of her clothing along with her friends.

She stripped her friend completely naked while keeping at least one hand on his balls or his cock at the same time. This girl knows how to work a dick! She showed the lucky boy her cute and tiny teen tits as he moaned and looked on while getting his cock milked.

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Teen Dixie Comet, Lend Me Your Hand

Dixie Comet tugs on a soft cock to get it hard

In this week’s update to TeenTugs.com we’re treated to a brand new tugjob video featuring Dixie Comet. She watched a bunch of her dad’s porn videos and now wants to try out her new moves on her boyfriend’s big dick!

Teen babe Dixie Comet is a gorgeous brunette with nice firm boobs. She loves experimenting and trying new sexual techniques with her boyfriend. Dixie is never sexually satisfied and always looking for her next orgasm. The naughty teen was searching through her dad’s porn collection for handjob videos. She found a bunch and watched them all closely. Now that she’s learned a number of new moves she immediately calls her boyfriend to come over and play!

Dixie Comet begins a sensual handjobDixie Comet uses her teen hand to wank her boyfriendDixie Comet is surprised by how big her boyfriends hard cock has grown

As soon as he arrives the excited teen leads him back to her bedroom and jumps up on the bed with him. “I was watching daddy’s porn videos and I have a surprise for you,” she said with a big grin. Dixie Comet quickly unbuttoned and unzipped her boyfriend’s jeans and took out his still limp dick. “I got handjob lessons and you’re going to be my practice dummy,” she said as she stroked his limp cock rapidly to get him hard. As his erection kept growing Dixie decided to try out her new hand maneuvers.

Dixie Comet squeezed the base of his cock with one hand to plump it up nice and fat. She then used her other hand to twist up and down his shaft. While she was twisting, Dixie let a long and dangling glob of spit from her mouth land on the head of his cock. As soon as it landed she massaged it into the skin of his cock lubing it up and making her hand slide easily over his shaft.

Her next move was to trace her boyfriend’s cock head with her fingernail. She ever so gently dragged it around the helmet of his dick which caused a very sexy tickle in his cock. Dixie Comet even stuck the tip of her nail into his piss hole which made him jump. Dixie went back to stroking while she used her other hand to cup his swollen balls. She rubbed them in her palm and tickled his nut sack with her fingernails. The teen babe certainly has improved her handjob technique!

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Vanessa Vixen Is Spurting Boys at School

Vanessa Vixen in a schoolgirl outfit being punished

In this week’s update to TeenTugs.com we’re given a brand new and full length video with a picture set of Vanessa Vixen. She’s been misbehaving in school and giving handjobs to all the boys in class. When she finally gets caught, it’s the teacher’s turn!

Vanessa Vixen is an incredibly sexy blonde that all the boys dream about. She comes to class almost every day in a skirt that’s shorter than the day before. There isn’t one guy in the classroom that doesn’t pitch a tent in his pants. Vanessa loves the boys just as much as they love her. To be a little more specific, Vanessa loves cock in her hand. She just loves the way a pulsating, thick cock feels with her hand wrapped tightly around it.

Vanessa Vixen is being hit on by her teacherVanessa Vixen unzips her teacher to give him a handjob in the classroomVanessa Vixen gives a topless handjob to her older teacher

In the middle of a long and boring lecture, Vanessa Vixen moved her hand across the pants of a boy next to her. She unzipped him and started giving him a handjob right there in the middle of class. He tried to remain cool, but left out a couple of moans that caught the attention of the teacher. Both Vanessa and the boy froze in a frightened state as they saw the teacher’s eyes lock onto the handjob going on under the desk. After seeing the sexual display in the classroom, he decided to end class early. On the way out of the classroom he pulled the two aside.

”You, down to the principal’s office and wait there for me!” The teacher told the male student. He then told Vanessa Vixen to wait in the room until everyone had left. “You, take down my zipper and show me exactly what you were doing underneath that desk!” He sternly told Vanessa with a wicked grin. Vanessa got a wicked grin of her own and positioned herself in between the teacher’s legs. She unzipped him as she was told and took out the teacher’s cock. She then took off her shirt and exposed her beautiful teen tits. “I better get a better grade this period,” Vanessa said as she began stroking the teacher’s cock in her tiny teen hand.

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Michelle Maverick Wants a Cumload for Christmas

Michelle Maverick opens a gift and sees a cock

In this week’s episode of ClubTug.com we’re given a full length video and picture set of Michelle Maverick. All she wants for Christmas is a big cock to stroke and she gets exactly that!

Michelle Maverick’s boyfriend has something special planned for her. He’s been making a unique gift for Michelle, and for himself, while she’s been at work. When she finally arrives home for the day, Michelle’s boyfriend is standing at the door with a present in his hands that is held by his waist. “Oh honey, is this for me?” Michelle asked with an excited tone and a big smile across her face. Her boyfriend assured her that the gift was definitely hers and told her to sit on the couch.

Michelle Maverick strokes the cock she is given for ChristmasMichelle Maverick grabs and tugs her Christmas cockMichelle Maverick loves her hard christmas cock so much she gives it a handjob

Her boyfriend carried the gift over to Michelle and sat across from her. He kept the gift at waist level and set it on the coffee table. Michelle Maverick didn’t notice the extra care he was taking to keep the gift in front of his cock. Then, she opened it and started laughing. Michelle couldn’t believe that her boyfriend had actually fooled her in such a way. Inside the gift was a hole cut and her boyfriend’s cock shoved through it! “Now this is a damn fine Christmas present!” Michelle said as she reached in and grabbed her boyfriend’s dick that was slowly getting hard.

“Can I take it out or must I stroke it inside the box?” Michelle asked of her boyfriend. “You have to give it a handjob inside the box and it will give you another present!” Her boyfriend playfully said. Michelle did just that. She began stroking his cock until he was fully erect inside the Christmas decorated box. She grabbed the base of his dick tightly with one hand and used her other petite hand to continue stroking and giving a holiday handjob to her lover. “Oh baby, I think my other present is going to CUM soon!” Michelle said in a sultry voice as she continued to wank her boyfriend. Michelle Maverick may just be an inexperienced teenager, but she was giving one hell of a tugjob!

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Aloradonna Is Good To the Last Drop

Aloradonna invites you into her bedroomIn this week’s update to TeenTugs.com we’re given a full length video and photo set of Aloradonna. This babe has been waiting for you in her bedroom and is ready to tug on your big cock!

Aloradonna waits anxiously in her bedroom for you to arrive. This gorgeous brunette teen sits on her bed in her lingerie hoping to impress you. You open the door and immediately she greets you, “Hello baby!” “Baby?” You ask Aloradonna. “Yes, today you’re my baby!” Aloradonna says with confidence. Up until now you two have just been close friends. Sure, you flirted here and there and a fantasy has come to mind once or twice, but never did you think anything would actually happen. “I’m game if you are.” You tell Aloradonna. She reaches out and starts undoing your belt. “Holy shit!” You think to yourself, this is actually going to happen.

She keeps going and unzips your pants. They fall to the floor and she tugs down your boxers. Aloradonna grabs your cock with both hands and confirms that you are definitely getting a handjob from her. This is going to be absolutely amazing and a fantasy come true! “Get on the bed!” She tells you sternly. You quickly hop onto the bed and lie on your back. Aloradonna takes her lingerie top off and shows you her big tits. “Wow!” You can’t help but to express in admiration of her beautiful big breasts. She straddles you and resumes her handjob.

Aloradonna begins to unzip your jeansAloradonna uses both hands to hold your cockAloradonna mounts you and begins to give you a handjob

“We can be fuck buddies too, you know?” Aloradonna says as she strokes your hard cock up and down watching it grow thicker and longer. “We can?” You ask of her. “Yes, but today you’re only getting the best handjob of your life!” She says as her grip tightens and she starts grinding her pussy against your thigh. You tilt your head back, look at the ceiling and moan with pleasure. Her hands feel so good rubbing up and down your shaft. She has such tiny and soft hands; they feel so smooth and warm against your cock’s sensitive skin. “I want you to cum all over my hands and in between my fingers so I can lick them clean!” She says and you laugh saying back, “Holy shit you’re kinky!”

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Tons Of Teen Tugjobs At TeenTugs.com

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Melody Jordan Tells Her Boyfriend – You’re a Jerk

Melody Jordan gets interrupted masturbating by her boyfriendThis week’s update of TeenTugs.com brings you a brand new video featuring Melody Jordan! She’s rudely interrupted by her boyfriend while masturbating and makes him pay dearly! Check out the video and download the picture set zip in the member’s area!

Melody Jordan was relaxing in her bedroom and got her favorite monster vibrator out of her drawer. She was going to enjoy her alone time and masturbate her pussy until it exploded with orgasm after orgasm. Melody just got started masturbating when her boyfriend came barging into the room unexpectedly. “What the hell are you doing home?” Melody asked her boyfriend who responded by saying, “What the hell are you doing to yourself?” They were both shocked by the situation.

Melody was no happy camper. She demanded that her boyfriend remove his pants right there and then. He was going to have to pay a dear price for interrupting her private masturbation time. “Take off your pants and get in bed Mr.!” Like a good boy, Melody’s boyfriend did just that. A vibrator isn’t as good as the real thing anyway was Melody’s way of thinking. She’ll give him a tugjob and get him nice and hard so that he can penetrate her teen pussy!

Melody Jordan makes her boyfriend take his cock outMelody Jordan gives her boyfriend a handjobMelody Jordan is tugging on her boyfriend's cock

Melody began stroking his cock, slowly and teasing him for the interruption. She was going to be mean for just a little bit. She smacked his cock and said, “Bad dick, bad!” Her boyfriend just laughed and went along with it. Melody started massaging his balls and gripping his cock tightly as she stroked him. She used her fingernails to tease the cock’s head and even insert the tip into his piss hole. Then she let the nails scratch the whole length of his shaft down to the base.

Enough of this playing around she thought to herself. Melody grabbed his cock as tight as she could and worked her arm into a fury stroking as fast as possible. She wanted to get him rock hard and ready to cum. She never thought what happened next was possible! Go check out the video in the member’s area of TeenTugs.com to see what happens and how the story ends!

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My Sister’s Friend Stella Banxxx

Stella Banxxx is shocked when I ask her for a tugjobMy sister’s friend wants a ride to her boyfriend’s house on the other side of town. Now, I’m a decent guy, but that’s a far trip and gas is expensive. I asked her for some gas money, but of course she tells me that she’s broke. That’s when I take a good look at her. She is pretty damn hot. Blonde hair, a nice figure, and the type of personality that makes her seem like she would be up for just about anything. Ah what the hell, I might as well try my luck and see what happens. “Give me a tugjob and I’ll take you to your boyfriend’s house,” I tell her.

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Melody Jordan Gives Her Boyfriend A Tugjob

Melody Jordan fantasizes about a handjob with her vibratorMelody Jordan is in her bedroom all alone and fantasizing about giving her boyfriend a tugjob. The fantasies cause a sexual stir in her pussy that she can’t control. She must satisfy her pussy and can’t wait for her boyfriend to come home. Grabbing her huge vibrator from her drawer she begins rubbing it against her wet clit. She pictures her hands wrapping around his cock and tightly yanking it up and down. The cock grows and swells in her petite hands to a full erection that she now needs both hands to massage. An erect cock in her hands is such an erotic thought to Melody that she has a mini orgasm with her vibrator.

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Alysa Hart Tugs A Stranger In His Car

Alysa Hart spots an older man she wants to give a handjob to in the parking lotCute teen redhead Alysa Hart is an adventurous spirit with a passion for giving men tugjobs! Her handjob fetish makes Alysa constantly aware of the men around her and what they’re packing in their pants. At the first sense of sexual interest from a man she’s ready to unzip his pants and start wanking away. When she saw an older man in a parking lot checking her out as she strolled along, Alysa knew she would soon have her hands around his cock.

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