POV Handjob with Brooklyn Daniels

Brooklyn Daniels milking a big cockWearing a pink bra with black lace trimmings and matching panties, Brooklyn Daniels crawls onto the bed in a bid to get your attention. She’s horny as fuck and she’s more than ready to play with your cock and milk it dry. The dark-haired teen beauty starts stripping naked and once every piece of clothing is off her body, she straddles you and grabs your cock for the stroking of a lifetime. This POV handjob video from TeenTugs.com is all about you and the teen hottie doesn’t stop jerking your cock until you cum in her hands!

What a girl wants is a man who will let her tug his cock whenever she’s feeling horny and lucky for Brooklyn Daniels, you’re the kind of man who would never turn her down especially when her hormones are churning out of control and she’s got you pinned to the bed with her naked body. She grabs your cock and sits so close to it that your balls can feel the heat radiating from her shaved pussy and then she uses both her hands to jerk your cock.

Brooklyn Daniels POV handjob teen lubricates cock before jerking it Brooklyn Daniels tugs cock

She wants you to cum but not so soon that you don’t enjoy the ride so she alternates between slow strokes and fast strokes and she uses both hands before switching to one hand stroking. Then the sexy babe slides off the bed as she grabs your cock with both her hands one more time – one hand works the base and the other hand works the sensitive mushroom head and the pressure from her hands to your hard rod makes you explode right in her soft hands. Get your cock serviced, pampered and stroked by Brooklyn Daniels only at TeenTugs.com

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Kimber Woods Jerks the Heck Out Of the Repair Man’s Cock

Kimber Woods giving a handjobTeen babes don’t come any hornier than Kimber Woods. She’s got hooking up and shagging on her brain 24/7 which means she’s constantly watching porn when and if she can’t get herself some real dick. Unfortunately for her, watching too much porn from questionable sites leads to a virus infection that requires a house call from a geek squad repair man. He walks into her house thinking he’s just there to repair her computer but as this new episode from TeenTugs.com shows, he ends up getting serviced by the hot teen babe!

Kimber Woods needs help with her computer but her inner slut needs a quick cock fix so she decides to take advantage of the older repair man who comes over to fix her computer. She wears her booty shorts that show off everything and the older man can’t help but fall for her charming ways. She seals her seduction by flashing her tits at him which gives him an instant boner. Then the slutty teen hottie sinks down on her knees and starts jerking off the older man.

teen babe seduces a repair man naughty teen babe flashing her tits teen cutie jerking a thick prick

She smiles up at him as she cradles his cock in between both her soft palms and with her hands firmly clapsed together, she uses the back and forth stroking motion to milk cum out of the man’s prick. The brunette teen handjob slut is intent on making the repair man cum harder than he ever has before so she digs her fingers into his cock and strokes it really fast until he bursts a nut! You can see the lucky repair man getting his cock serviced by the gorgeous Kimber Woods exclusively at TeenTugs.com

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Alyssa Hart Makes a Big Dick Spurt

Teen cutie Alyssa Hart may be pint-sized but she is not afraid to take on monster dicks and make them spurt out their man goo with her bare hands. This slutty blonde babe is quite the handjob queen who views every big cock as a challenge and today, the big cock she wants to drain of it’s entire cum load is none other than that of her co-host. She wants to find out just how high he can shot his salty jizz and that is exactly what she discovers in this fun handjob video from TeenTugs.com

There so many words that can be used to describe Alyssa Hart and coward is not one of them. Shy isn’t one of them either but curious and adventurous sure are. The tiny blonde is always on a quest to see just how far men can shoot their cumloads and she’s heard some rumors about her co-host being the king of shooting cum farthest so during a segment of their adult TV show, she offers to give a handjob demonstration using his big dick and he ofcourse readily agrees to this.

The sexy teen with small pointy boobs takes off her pink shirt as she grabs her co-host’s massive prick. She squeezes it hard in the middle and then slowly moves her hand from the top to the bottom and back. She steadies herself by grabbing the base of the prick and makes sure to talk to her co-host the entire time she’s stroking his cock. Her signature two-hand jerking technique is saved for the end when she wraps both her tiny hands around his huge penis and tugs it hard until it bursts. So, how high does he shoot his jizz? You’ll have to watch the entire video exclusively in the TeenTugs.com member area to find out!

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Paisley Parker Excels at the Handjob Academy For Teens

Paisley Parker tugs a big cockIf you want to learn how to cook, you go to culinary school and if you want to learn how to sew you go to stitching class which is why it makes sense that if you’re a teen who wants to learn how to give handjobs, you enroll at the Handjob Academy for Teens and learn from the very best handjobbers. That is exactly what Paisley Parker does in this new episode from TeenTugs.com and by the end of her lesson with her instructor, she walks away a certified handjobber.

Truth be told, Paisley Parker probably doesn’t need any handjob classes as she’s a natural when it comes to tugging cocks. Her demonstration on her instructor’s hard cock is proof of her impressive handjob skills. She rubs the girth ever so tenderly with her well-manicured fingers and then she uses one hand to stroke the cock as fast as she can. When she feels her instructor about to burst his nut, the brunette teen hottie slows down a tad and takes her sweet time sensually stroking the monster prick thrust in her face.

Paisley Parker POV handjob lesson teen hottie giving a handjob Paisley Parker lubing up a cock

The handjob gets even kinkier when Paisley Parker spreads her legs and starts rubbing her pussy while still jerking off her instructor. She’s determined to make both of them cum at the same time and seeing her dipping her fingers into her own shaved twat definitely makes her instructor want to explode right there and then. This is this naughty babe’s first cock jerking lesson but she’s already a handjob star who deserves an A+ for coaxing cum out of cocks with her hands! You can see this teen handjobber and others just like her stroking massive cocks only at TeenTugs.com

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Bibi Miami Jerks Off Her Step-Brother For Cash

Bibi Miami tugging a massive prickBibi Miami has got a shoe fetish and like most girls hooked on shoes, she can never have enough pairs of shoes. She comes across a fancy pair that costs $200 and unfortunately for her she doesn’t have that kind of cash but she does have a step brother who has that kind of dough so the two of them come to an agreement of sorts that sees him getting his cock tugged to completion and her getting cash for her shoes. This handjob transaction between the step siblings can be seen going down at TeenTugs.com

Once Bibi Miami has her mind set on getting something, she’ll do whatever it takes to get it. Right now, a pair of shoes is calling her name and even though they are way overpriced at two hundred bucks, this sexy blonde teen with soft big round tits just has to have them so she approaches her step brother for a loan and he agrees to give her the money if she’ll give him a handjob. What he doesn’t know is that she is a handjob nympho who excels at tugging cocks and this is her chance to show off her cock stroking skills.

Bibi Miami the teen handjob nympho Bibi Miami tugging cock teen nympho jerking off her step brother

She lets him unhook her bra and then she leans forward as she grabs his cock with both her hands, cupping his big balls as he digs into her pussy with his fingers. Then the cock craving teen nympho licks the precum off his dick head and rubs the girth on her twat before resuming with her stroking. To maximize the pleasure for both of them, a very naked Bibi Miami straddles her step brother and jerks him in this position until he cums. She has no doubt earned that $200 and you can see her in action exclusively at TeenTugs.com

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Liv Aguilera Makes Her Boss’ Prick Erupt

Liv Aguilera messy facialSome times you have to do whatever it takes to guarantee your job security and for Liv Aguilera that means buckling down and jerking her boss off especially when she finds herself in hot water at work. At first she puts up a fight but when she realizes that she’s so much closer to losing the one gig that pays her bills, the feisty Latina teen babe gets naked and gives her boss a good ole tug job until he erupts. Her office handjob can be viewed exclusively at TeenTugs.com

Jobs are hard to come by these days so people with jobs tend not to screw up intentionally for fear of getting fired. Liv Aguilera thinks she’s the exception to that rule and doesn’t take her cleaning job seriously at all. However on this particular day she shows up late for work and her boss gives her an ultimatum – either jerk him off and keep her job or pack up her bags and go looking for employment elsewhere. The sexy teen is dumbfounded and foolishly chooses the latter option before reality catches up with her and she runs back to plead for her job.

latina teen pov handjob Liv Aguilera gives a spitting handjob Liv Aguilera gives an office handjob

The one condition to keeping her job is she has to tug the boss’ cock and this time around she gives the tugjob all her energy. She squats to the floor and holds the base of the cock as she twists her hand around and around the hard cock. Then she rubs the bottom of the cock while her thumb runs across the sensitive head and then the smiling beauty leans in for her signature move where she craddles the cock in both her hands and jerks it hard until it explodes!

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Krystal Orchid Gives a Two-Handed Jerk Treatment

blonde hottie jerking cockIn case the writing on her shirt hasn’t already revealed her big secret – Krystal Orchid loves giving handjobs. In fact it’s safe to say that this sweet blonde bimbo lives for jerking cocks and she’s actually pretty good at it but don’t just take our word for it, see her going to town on a hard prick in this latest episode from TeenTugs.com where she doesn’t let up until the dick explodes.

Appearances can be very deceptive and that is very true in the case of Krystal Orchid because on the outside she looks like a very sweet and innocent teen who is a tad nerdy but the reality is she’s a nympho who excels at jerking cocks and this teen POV handjob video is proof of her cock jerking abilities. Proudly wearing knee high socks but no panties and rocking a t-shirt that declares how much she loves handjobs, the bubbly blonde teen squats down exposing her elongated clit as she gets to work on the cock in front of her.

Krystal Orchid flaunts her pussy Krystal Orchid jerking a cock Krystal Orchid pov handjob

It’s such a massive cock that she needs two hands to effectively work it from the base to the head and so she wraps both her hands around the prick and starts twisting and turning while also occasionally stealing a second to caress the big balls nestled underneath the cock. She lifts up her t-shirt to show off two perfect round tits and she spreads her legs even wider than before exposing her nearly bald pussy while still jerking the cock until it bursts!

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Broke Jennifer Bliss Milks Cock For Cash

Jennifer Bliss measuring a prickLike most teens Jennifer Bliss is broke and needs to make money fast but she doesn’t want to find a job and then have to wait for payday so she can have some spending money. She’d rather jerk off perverted older men and then get her tax-free cash from them after services rendered. We aren’t here to judge her as the service she provides in this new teen handjob video from TeenTugs.com is a much needed service and we thoroughly applaud her for it.

Mr. Johnson is a very horny man and Jennifer Bliss is the answer to all his prayers. She’d do anything to get her hands on some cash and he happens to have a boat load of it on hand. When their paths cross, the duo decide to mutually help out each other and this transaction goes a lot smoother than either one of them anticipated. The brunette teen cutie takes off her top and helps Mr. Johnson out of his shorts and then she starts pumping his thick shaft with both her hands until it gets as hard as it can possibly get.

Jennifer Bliss seduces a much older man Jennifer Bliss measures and tugs a cock topless brunette babe giving a handjob

She bites down on her lips as her thumb runs over the cut head of the thick cock and then she leans in as she focuses on the meaty girth of the long shaft. She sure knows how to work hard for her money because she grips the big cock and then strokes it really fast until a stream of cum shoots out of it. Mr. Johnson gets some much needed relief and Jennifer Bliss gets a good arm workout and some money too!

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Nerdy Alexia Gold Grips a Large Cock

Alexia Gold jerking cockBoredom is a motherfucker and no one knows that better than Alexia Gold. The nerdy but cute teen babe is bored out of her mind and she wants to go to the water park to cool off on this rather hot day but her uncle Bob can’t be bothered to take her so the quick-thinking babe takes off her clothes right in front of him showing off her perky round tits as a way to persuade him to take her to the water park and then she proceeds to grip his large cock and jerk it until it explodes. All the action unfolds in this stunning handjob video episode from TeenTugs.com

Where there is a will there is a way and right now Alexia Gold is determined to go to the water park for some fun but her uncle is reluctant to take her so the petite babe decides that playing with his big cock is the only way to get him to do exactly what she wants and that is what she does. She massages his prick through his pants and when it stands at attention, she grabs it hard at the base and squeezes it as if she’s trying to milk every last drop out of it.

Alexia Gold seducing her uncle topless teen prepares to give a handjob nerdy topless teen jerking a big prick

Appearances can be deceptive and you’d never tell just how good of a handjobber this nerdy teen is but her cock stroking technique is on point and within a few minutes she has her horny uncle moaning with her magical stroking. She alternates between using one hand and two hands before finishing him off with a simultaneous cock tugging and ball caressing that has him bursting his nut all over the place!

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Kimmy Lee the Professional Cock Masseuse


Kimmy Lee giving a handjobIf your cock could use a good tugging, there is no better person than Kimmy Lee to entrust that job to. The hot Asian babe with a killer rack knows how to stroke cocks until they burst which is exactly what she does to and for a client in this new episode from TeenTugs.com. He urgently needs some relief and she knows all the right moves to make him explode. She gets to work on him the minute his back hits her massage table and oh is he in for a big surprise.

Men everywhere would give anything and everything to spend even an hour on Kimmy Lee’s table because this masseuse not only irons out kinks in the body but she also specializes in massaging cocks until they explode. Her client on this particular day is an overworked man who finds himself naked with his erect penis cradled in the slender babe’s soft hands. She lubes it up real good and then unfastens her bra so her client can get an eyeful of her perky round tits as she jerks him off.

Kimmy Lee tugging a client's cock hot asian masseuse tugging a cock Kimmy Lee jerking a big cock

The two hand technique is what this dark haired handjobber kicks things off with and she leans forward as she twists both hands around the man’s long cock. She works it from head to base and then back making sure that every inch of the hard erect cock is covered. Her slow stroking turns into urgent fast tugging as she coaxes cum out of the hard prick and that does the trick because a steady stream of cum shoots out of his rod making a mess all over the pretty masseuse’s hands.

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