Broke Jennifer Bliss Milks Cock For Cash

Jennifer Bliss measuring a prickLike most teens Jennifer Bliss is broke and needs to make money fast but she doesn’t want to find a job and then have to wait for payday so she can have some spending money. She’d rather jerk off perverted older men and then get her tax-free cash from them after services rendered. We aren’t here to judge her as the service she provides in this new teen handjob video from is a much needed service and we thoroughly applaud her for it.

Mr. Johnson is a very horny man and Jennifer Bliss is the answer to all his prayers. She’d do anything to get her hands on some cash and he happens to have a boat load of it on hand. When their paths cross, the duo decide to mutually help out each other and this transaction goes a lot smoother than either one of them anticipated. The brunette teen cutie takes off her top and helps Mr. Johnson out of his shorts and then she starts pumping his thick shaft with both her hands until it gets as hard as it can possibly get.

Jennifer Bliss seduces a much older man Jennifer Bliss measures and tugs a cock topless brunette babe giving a handjob

She bites down on her lips as her thumb runs over the cut head of the thick cock and then she leans in as she focuses on the meaty girth of the long shaft. She sure knows how to work hard for her money because she grips the big cock and then strokes it really fast until a stream of cum shoots out of it. Mr. Johnson gets some much needed relief and Jennifer Bliss gets a good arm workout and some money too!

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Nerdy Alexia Gold Grips a Large Cock

Alexia Gold jerking cockBoredom is a motherfucker and no one knows that better than Alexia Gold. The nerdy but cute teen babe is bored out of her mind and she wants to go to the water park to cool off on this rather hot day but her uncle Bob can’t be bothered to take her so the quick-thinking babe takes off her clothes right in front of him showing off her perky round tits as a way to persuade him to take her to the water park and then she proceeds to grip his large cock and jerk it until it explodes. All the action unfolds in this stunning handjob video episode from

Where there is a will there is a way and right now Alexia Gold is determined to go to the water park for some fun but her uncle is reluctant to take her so the petite babe decides that playing with his big cock is the only way to get him to do exactly what she wants and that is what she does. She massages his prick through his pants and when it stands at attention, she grabs it hard at the base and squeezes it as if she’s trying to milk every last drop out of it.

Alexia Gold seducing her uncle topless teen prepares to give a handjob nerdy topless teen jerking a big prick

Appearances can be deceptive and you’d never tell just how good of a handjobber this nerdy teen is but her cock stroking technique is on point and within a few minutes she has her horny uncle moaning with her magical stroking. She alternates between using one hand and two hands before finishing him off with a simultaneous cock tugging and ball caressing that has him bursting his nut all over the place!

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Kimmy Lee the Professional Cock Masseuse

Kimmy Lee giving a handjobIf your cock could use a good tugging, there is no better person than Kimmy Lee to entrust that job to. The hot Asian babe with a killer rack knows how to stroke cocks until they burst which is exactly what she does to and for a client in this new episode from He urgently needs some relief and she knows all the right moves to make him explode. She gets to work on him the minute his back hits her massage table and oh is he in for a big surprise.

Men everywhere would give anything and everything to spend even an hour on Kimmy Lee’s table because this masseuse not only irons out kinks in the body but she also specializes in massaging cocks until they explode. Her client on this particular day is an overworked man who finds himself naked with his erect penis cradled in the slender babe’s soft hands. She lubes it up real good and then unfastens her bra so her client can get an eyeful of her perky round tits as she jerks him off.

Kimmy Lee tugging a client's cock hot asian masseuse tugging a cock Kimmy Lee jerking a big cock

The two hand technique is what this dark haired handjobber kicks things off with and she leans forward as she twists both hands around the man’s long cock. She works it from head to base and then back making sure that every inch of the hard erect cock is covered. Her slow stroking turns into urgent fast tugging as she coaxes cum out of the hard prick and that does the trick because a steady stream of cum shoots out of his rod making a mess all over the pretty masseuse’s hands.

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Cadence Lux Jerks Off A Nerd

Cadence Lux giving a handjobAll work and no play makes Cadence Lux a very dull girl which is why she decides to incorporate a little play into her study session with Bill in this latest episode from The slender brunette teen looks incredibly hot with her thick rimmed glasses on but she looks even hotter when she yanks off her pink top exposing her perky round tits and small nipples. The sight of her exposed perfect rack gives her nerdy study partner an instant boner and that’s when she decides to help him take care of it.

Bill has obviously never hooked up with a girl as hot as Cadence Lux but he’s in for a huge surprise because she’s not only hot but she’s also very experienced in milking cocks and right now she’s interested in tugging his cock until it bursts and that’s exactly what she does. The brunette teen slut grips Bill’s cock as he lays back on the bed and she squeezes it while stroking it up and down.

Cadence Lux seduces her nerdy tutor Cadence Lux tugging a long cock hot teen in glasses jerking off her nerdy tutor

Then she switches from using one hand to two hands driving the lucky nerd up the wall with her sensual strokes. She smiles as she milks his long cock and even talks to him begging him to cum and he does not disappoint at all. The combination of her stroking and the sight of her perfect perky tits shoved in his face makes him burst his nut and you won’t believe where on her body his jizz lands but you can find out at

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Cherry Morgan Tips Her Cab Driver with a Handjob

Cherry Morgan jerking a cockThis new episode from won’t make it onto “TaxiCab Confessions” because even though it involves a taxi driver, it actually happens in Cherry Morgan’s apartment. The sexy blonde teen hottie is back from traveling and her cabbie helps her carry her bag upstairs. Of course he expects to be tipped but what he doesn’t realize is that the hot babe is horny as fuck and the only tip he’s going to be getting is a sizzling hot handjob and not cash.

Traveling seems to always make Cherry Morgan horny and ready for some action and having a sexy stud for a cab driver certainly doesn’t help matters. When he offers to carry her bag upstairs, the teen blonde vixen sees this as her chance to satisfy her sexual cravings and she’s not shy about telling him in great detail exactly what she plans to do to him. She takes off her white gloves as well as the top portion of her dress and then she unsnaps her bra top revealing round perky half tanned tits.

Cherry Morgan seducing her cab driver Cherry Morgan jerking off her cab driver Cherry Morgan stroking thick cock

Then she grabs his cock with both her hands and starts massaging it until it gets hard. The two-handed stroking technique is her specialty and that’s what she sticks with for the duration of the incredibly hot handjob video. She uses her left hand to steady the cock while the right hand pumps the head and the meaty middle section and then she uses both hands to finish him off. Who needs a cash tip when he can get a handjob tip from the gorgeous Cherry Morgan? This full length video of the cab driver getting lucky with the hot blonde can be viewed at

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Busty Katie Cummings’ Sensational POV Handjob

Katie Cummings tugging a cock POV-styleKatie Cummings is not just insanely hot but she’s got a huge rack and right now she wants you to know how good it feels to nestle your dick in between her big boobs. This busty brunette babe is in a very playful mood and the one thing she wants to play with is your hard rod so sit back, relax and let her take you an unforgettable ride in this stunning POV handjob video from By the end of it, your dick will be spurting out so much creamy juice so grab a towel and some lotion and let’s go!

Watch as the sexy Katie Cummings crawls towards you wearing a matching bra and panty set with her ass sticking out in the black thong and her big boobs practically spilling out of the bra. She gives you a clear view of her cleavage as she reaches for your prick and then she grabs it and rubs it all over her massive soft fun bags before thrusting it in between them and using them as cushions for your hard cock.

Katie Cummings flaunts her big tits busty brunette teen jerking cock busty teen babe jerking a big cock

Then sit back and relax as she gets to work on your cock – gently massaging the head while rubbing the precum off your sensitive tip and then she takes her time as she plays with your balls ever so gently before turning all her attention to your hard cock. She uses the double handed movement to jerk you off and coax cum out of your cock and she alternates between fast stroking and slow stroking until you explode drenching her fingers!

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Latina Teen Mandy Candy Gives a Damn Good Handjob

Mandy Candy jerking a dickMandy Candy is a card carrying member of the “let me take a selfie” generation so at any given moment, you’ll find her posing and pouting in front of her cell phone camera as she tries to capture every angle of her sexy face. She absolutely hates getting her selfie-taking time interrupted so when Joey interrupts her mid-shot as she attempts to take a bra and panties selfie in this new episode from, the slender teen hottie decides to punish him by wanking his dick until it bursts.

Like most girls her age, Mandy Candy is so madly in love with herself that she can’t stop taking pictures of her sweet face and gorgeous slim body. Wearing just a bra, panties and knee high socks, the exotic teen goddess is busy snapping away when Joey walks into her room crashing her selfie party. She’s super mad at him and decides that the fitting punishment for his crime would be to jerk his dick. So she forces him to lay on his back as she grabs his dick with a strong grip, twiddling her thumb over his sensitive head.

Mandy Candy taking a half-naked selfie latina teen hottie takes a selfie wearing a thong Mandy Candy giving a handjob

Then the sexy babe takes off her panties and flashes her sweet shaved pussy as she pins Joey down with one long leg. This position gives her a better grip on his cock and she strokes it up and down and twists her hands side to side around the thick cock until it explodes! You can check out this petite latina teen giving a hot topless handjob exclusively at

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Dani Peach the Emo Stroker Milks a Dick

Dani Peach gets cum all over her fingersDani Peach has got the kind of body that gives men instant boners. Johnny is definitely not immune to her charms and that little tight body of hers so when he gets an eyeful of it, his dick stands at attention. When the naughty Emo teen hottie spots his erect penis, she can’t help but gravitate toward it, grabbing it and stroking it like her life depends on it. This teen cock stroking episode from shows the tiny Emo stroker doing what she does best and her killer handjob skills will leave you in awe.

They say if you’ve got something flaunt it and Dani Peach takes that literally because she has a sexy body that she loves to flaunt especially in front of horny guys. She also has very impressive cock tugging skills that she puts to good use on boners like Johnny’s. With her small tits constrained by a bra, the sexy tattooed teen babe grabs Johnny’s long dick with both her hands and she twists and turns while he writhes on the couch in ecstasy.

emo teen undressing a man teen cock stroker giving a handjob Dani Peach milking a cock

She removes her bra and leans over him as she alternates between using one hand and two hands and things kick into overdrive when Dani Peach bites her bottom lip as she twists her hands around the big cock determined to milk it dry. Her mission is accomplished when a steady stream of man goo shoots out of the erect penis! There are plenty of teen handjobbers milking hard cocks just like this hottie at

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Alyssa Hart Makes a Big Boner Burst

Alyssa Hart giving a handjobTeen sensation Alyssa Hart is back and she may be a little bit blonder but she’s still pretty enthusiastic about milking big dicks until they explode like in this super hot handjob episode from where the certified handjob queen offers her gratitude to Billy for his help by giving him a hand – literally. She grabs his monster cock and tenderly caresses it, getting it hard before pining his body down with her leg and jerking him off until he cums.

If there is one thing Alyssa Hart has perfected down to a T, it’s the art of giving a handjob. She’s so good at milking cocks with her hands that it’s no wonder that she takes every opportunity to show off like on this day when she meets up with Billy. The hunky guy has been very helpful in the past and the petite teen babe can’t think of a better way to thank him than by jerking his cock. He lays naked on his back while she remains fully clothed as she starts slowly stroking his cock. Then she slides her orange top down revealing a set of perky round tits as she increases the intensity of her tugging.

petite blonde teen jerks a big cock Alyssa Hart tugging a big cock Alyssa Hart makes a cock explode with her hands

This blonde hottie knows that the two-hand handjob technique produces the best results so she grabs Billy’s big dick with both her hands and twists and turns while jerking up and down at the same time. This is a technique guaranteed to make the lucky stud shoot his load out and he doesn’t disappoint because he unloads a jizz load of epic proportion surprising even Alyssa Hart.

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Ashley Storm Jerks Off Her Teacher in the Classroom

Ashley Storm gives her teacher a handjob in the classroomAshley Storm has been a very naughty girl – the hot cheerleader is busted for giving handjobs to horny guys at school and knowing just how much trouble she’s in, she quickly devises a way to get out of her mess and her plan is pure genius. It involves jerking off her teacher and making him cum with her hands and as this latest POV classroom handjob video from shows, this scheming teen accomplishes her mission.

Teens get into all kind of foolery at school but not to the magnitude of what Ashley Storm does. She appoints herself as the resident handjob giver and soon word gets to Mr. Stephenson who asks her to stay after school so they can discuss her behavior. What he doesn’t suspect is that the sexy cheerleader is determined to get out of trouble by jerking his dick and once the two of them are alone, she gets on her knees in between his legs and starts tugging his cock until it hardens.

Then the athletic teen hottie squeezes her teacher’s cock with her right hand while her left hand holds down the base and she focuses on stroking the sensitive head before using both hands to finish off her teacher. Watching her wank him off in POV-style will have you feeling like she’s stroking your own cock! You can see this gorgeous cheerleader jerking her way out of trouble only at

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