Ashley Storm Jerks Off Her Teacher in the Classroom

Ashley Storm gives her teacher a handjob in the classroomAshley Storm has been a very naughty girl – the hot cheerleader is busted for giving handjobs to horny guys at school and knowing just how much trouble she’s in, she quickly devises a way to get out of her mess and her plan is pure genius. It involves jerking off her teacher and making him cum with her hands and as this latest POV classroom handjob video from shows, this scheming teen accomplishes her mission.

Teens get into all kind of foolery at school but not to the magnitude of what Ashley Storm does. She appoints herself as the resident handjob giver and soon word gets to Mr. Stephenson who asks her to stay after school so they can discuss her behavior. What he doesn’t suspect is that the sexy cheerleader is determined to get out of trouble by jerking his dick and once the two of them are alone, she gets on her knees in between his legs and starts tugging his cock until it hardens.

Then the athletic teen hottie squeezes her teacher’s cock with her right hand while her left hand holds down the base and she focuses on stroking the sensitive head before using both hands to finish off her teacher. Watching her wank him off in POV-style will have you feeling like she’s stroking your own cock! You can see this gorgeous cheerleader jerking her way out of trouble only at

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Slutty Teen Babe Milks Her Step-Brother’s Monster Cock

slutty teen bathed in cum after handjobBen’s feeling super horny with a raging hard-on that’s just begging to be stroked so he pops his hard dick out of his pants and starts wanking off and of all times, his step-sister chooses right that moment to walk into room. He’s very embarrassed to say the least but his slutty teen stepsister doesn’t miss a beat because she offers up her handjobbing services and soon enough the slender babe with perky small tits is on her knees tugging her stepbrother’s cock. This full length taboo sibling handjob video is available at

Whatever reaction Ben is expecting to get from his stepsister when she catches him masturbating is nothing like what actually happens. One look at his exposed cock and the horny babe knows she has to get her hands wrapped around it so she loses her top and sinks to her knees licking Ben’s hard cock to lubricate it before using the two-handed stroking technique to make him feel really good.

teen babe sucks her stepbrother's dick teen hottie giving a handjob stepsister smiles after jerking off her stepbrother

This slutty teen handjobber is really skilled when it comes to jerking cocks and she takes her sweet time on Ben’s cock by using slow strokes while increasing the pressure on the length of his shaft. Then she tickles his balls before positioning her thumbs on the most sensitive part of his mushroom cock. She tugs and jerks with all her might until a load bursts out of his cock head and splashes on her chin and chest. Every man should be so lucky as to have a slutty stepsister to give him a hand when he needs some sexual relief!

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Violet Skye Punishes Her Boyfriend With a Toe Curling Handjob

blonde teen jerking a big cockViolet Skye is feeling mighty proud of herself because she believes she has good taste. The blonde teen just purchased new sheets that she can’t wait to show off to her boyfriend but when she does, his response is less than enthusiastic. He hates the new bed sheets and when he lets his feelings known, the hot babe decides to punish him for raining on her parade. Her punishment comes in the form of a thorough and slightly rough handjob that can be viewed only at

The easiest way to make a man love your new purchase is by jerking his cock until it explodes. At least that’s the message Violet Skye seems to be sending out in this heart-stopping teen handjob video. She peels her man’s shorts off him as she shoves him down on the new sheets he doesn’t approve of and then she clenches her biceps as she grabs his meat and starts jerking it with all her might.

Violet skye undressing a man before jerking him off topless teen punishes her boyfriend Violet Skye giving a handjob

Then the tattooed teen’s top comes off as do her pants and she spreads her legs so her boyfriend can ogle her shaved pussy while she continues to work his cock with her hands. She holds down the base of the cock with one hand as she strokes the protruding mushroom head and then she delivers short and fast strokes to the length of cock until her man’s cum shoots out of the head. That toe curling handjob punishment is enough to make him love Violet Skye’s new purchase!

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Krystal Orchid Jerks a Cock Until It Pops

teen's boobs splashed with cumKrystal Orchid has a date tonight and she wants to make it a memorable one for her date so she turns to her uncle for advice and the advice he dispenses to the eager-to-please teen babe is so unconventional that it’s surprising that she agrees to go along with it. He advises her to give her date a handjob and since the naughty blonde babe has never jerked off a cock, the perverted older man offers up his joy stick for her to practice on. Her very intriguing handjob lesson along with memorable tips can be viewed in the latest episode from

Usually it’s women dishing out advice regarding anything sexual but front and center in this teen handjob episode is an older and much more experienced guy who has gotten a lot of handjobs in his lifetime so it makes sense for him to be teaching an impressionable teen how to properly jerk a cock. He offers Krystal Orchid a large bottle of lube which she pours all over his cock and rubs into the hard prick as he moans his approval.

Krystal Orchid jerking a cock blonde teen hottie giving a handjob Krystal Orchid tit cumshot

The handjob lesson continues with the sexy babe pinning down her uncle’s thigh under her own thigh as she strokes his prick with two hands. Then she focuses on his balls, running her fingers lightly over them while squeezing his thick meat and when he gets ready to pop out of his load, she thrusts her perky tits forward and her boobs catch his cum load. Krystal Orchid can now confidently use her newly acquired cock jerking skills to impress her date and you can see plenty of other teen handjobbers just like her in action only at

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Gianna Love and Nadia White Jerk Off Their Perverted Uncle

two teens jerking off cock at the same timeGianna Love and Nadia White have a knack for getting into trouble but like the manipulative teen geniuses they are, they also know how to weasel out of trouble just as fast as they get into it! Take this latest episode from for instance where the naughty teen duo stay out way past their curfew and get busted by their uncle as they try to sneak back into the house. Their older uncle is so livid at the teen babes that he forgets to put on his pants, a fact that doesn’t go unnoticed by these very conniving hotties.

The blonde and brunette twosome know that their get-out-of-trouble card is the piece of hard meat dangling in between their uncle’s legs and they seize the opportunity to make him feel so good that he forgets about why he was yelling at them in the first place. Gianna Love and Nadia White sandwich him in between them on the couch and turn all their attention to his prick.

two teens in a cock stroking threesome blonde and brunette teens jerking a big cock horny teens getting their asses creamed

The two-girl handjob starts off slow with Gianna Love stroking the long shaft and sensitive head while Nadia White fondles Uncle Warren’s big balls. Then the girls switch positions and spread their legs so their perverted uncle can finger their clits while they jerk him off. The threesome action gets even more intense when both girls wrap their hands around the older man’s cock at the same time jerking him hard until he gets ready to ejaculate. Then the naughty babes bend over and let him cum all over their asses. You can see the teen babes jerking their way to forgiveness only at

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Ashlyn Taylor Gives A Handjob In Exchange For Homework Help

teen with small tits jerking a cockAshlyn Taylor is a desperate girl and desperate girls do desperate things like in this sizzling hot episode from where the teen hottie gives Billy a very oily handjob in exchange for some much needed help with her homework. Billy likes getting his cock stroked so this ends up being a very fair trade especially given how good the tiny tittied brunette nympho really is at waxing hard poles with her hands!

No one likes to do homework and Ashlyn Taylor is no exception. Her case is worsened by the fact that this particular set of homework is harder than usual and she definitely could use all the help she can get. The only person she knows who can help is Billy and there is no way he’s going to help for free so luckily, the sexy quick thinking babe remembers just how much Billy loves getting handjobs and she offers him one in exchange for some homework help.

Ashlyn Taylor seduces her tutor teen nympho stroking a cock brunette babe giving a handjob

She pulls out her bottle of lube and slathers some on Billy’s prick, wrapping both hands around it as she twists the top urgently and yet tenderly. Then the teen cutie pins Billy’s legs down underneath her own legs as she plays with his balls and continues to jerk him off. She is a certified handjobber and she proves just how good she is by switching seamlessly between giving a one-handed handjob and a two-handed handjob although it’s the two-hand cock jerking technique that causes Billy to cum all over her hands. The full length video of Ashlyn Taylor dominating Billy’s cock is available exclusively at

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Amber Sativa Massages a Client’s Cock

Amber Sativa jerking a cockChances are you’ve heard of masseuses who provide extra services not listed on the spa menu. Amber Sativa is one such masseuse and there is absolutely no shame in her game because as long as she has some extra time at the end of her session, she is more than happy to give her lucky clients a happy ending. The client on the receiving end of the blonde’s extra service in this new episode from is Jason and a few strategic strokes on his shaft is all it takes for man goo to come bubbling from his balls creating a beautiful mess on the massage table.

Amber Sativa has a few minutes to kill in between appointments when Jason finds his way to her table. The sexy blonde masseuse has always had a soft spot for him so she makes time to work out the kinks in his back and front before working her way down to his groin area. She disrobes and mounts him arching her back as she leans in to massage his cock.

sexy blonde massaging a male client Amber Sativa strips and prepares to jerk off her client sexy babe massages a man's cock

Every stroke is deliciously slow but firm gently coaxing cum from the prick. Then the pace picks up and the beautiful blonde teen masseuse jerks Jason’s cock really fast until he explodes all over her table. The cum explosion is messy and relaxing at the same time and for Amber Sativa, this is yet another successful session for the books. You can see this sensual cock massage video exclusively at

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Molly Bliss Takes On Kendra In A Handjob Face-Off

two teens giving a double handjobLike most teens, Molly Bliss and Kendra have their moments of competitiveness and this new episode of has the duo trying to prove who gives the best handjobs. This is an urgent matter that the girls are desperate to settle and lucky for them their Uncle Warren is just a down the hall and he is more than willing to let them use his boner to demonstrate their handjob giving skills.

Being in the right place at the right time has its advantages and if you ever doubt that, you need to look no further than this very steamy teen handjob episode where a perverted older man with a gigantic dick dangling in his pants just happens to get lucky because two naughty teen babes have a score to settle with each other. The end result is Uncle Warren gets a sensational handjob from both the girls at the same time. First up Molly Bliss grabs his big dick and twiddles it with her thumb and index fingers while Kendra plays with his balls then the serious jerking off begins with both girls taking turns at stroking his cock.

molly bliss and kendra prepare to jerking a big cock two teens jerking a monster prick teen babes grab and stroke a big dick

The highlight of this particular episode is when Kendra grabs the top half of the long cock and Molly Bliss grabs the bottom and both of them stroke the dick simultaneously. The two-girl handjob is more than Uncle Warren can handle and you can practically see his toes curling up inside his socks before his massive boner explodes. So, who gives better handjobs? You have to visit to find out.

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Cherry Morgan Gives A Great Handjob in the Kitchen

cherry morgan's tits blasted with cumCherry Morgan is feeling horny as hell and she wants her hubby to fuck her senseless. Unfortunately for her, he has a job to get to and he’s short on time so the two work out a compromise that benefits both of them. She yanks down his pants right in the kitchen, lubes up his monster shaft and jerks it until it explodes. Now that is the very definition of a good wife and you can see her in action as she treats her husband to a morning handjob only at

Billy is a lucky man and should he ever choose to forget that, he can just think back at how an ordinary morning turned into a spectacular morning all courtesy of his wife Cherry Morgan. Not only is the blonde teen incredibly gorgeous but she has a very high sex drive too. She is always on the look out for ways to get her husband’s cock inside her and when she can’t get it in any of he holes, then she’s more than happy to feel it fucking both her hands.

teen hottie undressing her husband blonde teen giving a kitchen handjob Cherry morgan jerking off hubby in the kitchen

On this particular morning the blonde vixen lubes up her hands and slathers the lube all over her husband’s cock as she tugs at it with an urgency that catches them both off guard. She uses both her hands at the same time to tug and twist alternating between fast strokes and slow strokes before using a steady rhythm to make him shoot out his load. Now that is a send-off fit for a king and you can view it exclusively at

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Horny Christina Snow Strokes Her Boyfriend’s Boner

sexy teen hottie milking a big prickSimply put, Christina Snow is horny and she is on the prowl for a dick to play with. Lucky for her, her boyfriend is laying nearby and he happens to have a massive meat stick dangling in between his legs so the naughty teen sneaks in between his legs and starts stroking his boner while playing with her moist shaved pussy in this sweet and spicy teen handjob video from

Petite and flirty with bouncy but perky tits, Christina Snow is a teen looking for trouble but her kind of trouble is not the kind that lands you in the slammer for a night or two. This Russian hottie’s idea of trouble is the kind that means she gets to have her hands wrapped around a massive tool and she gets a chance to do just that in this sizzling hot handjob episode. The dark haired vixen strips naked and lubes up her man’s big cock jerking it firmly but gently until it grows even bigger in her small hands. Then she squeezes her tits together and crams the throbbing man meat in between the perky juggs, smiling slyly at her man while caressing his manhood with her fun bags.

christina snow stripping and fingering her twat russian teen babe gives a sensual titjob teen cock stroker jerking a prick

Titjob aside, Christina Snow decides that she prefers to use her hands to get her man off as opposed to using her tits so she returns to the handjob action and proving that she quite the handjob aficionado, the sexy teen nympho milks every last drop of cum out of her man’s big dick with just a few well-timed hand strokes. This Russian handjob sensation is just one of tons of teen nymphos using their hands to make lucky men cum hard at

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