Brandy Jaymes Jerks Her Way To A Better Grade

sexy blonde student jerking off her professorLike most college students, Brandy Jaymes has spent a great deal of the semester doing everything but studying so it’s not surprising that the blonde teen babe is failing her classes. She is however very surprised to find that she is going to get a failing grade in Mr. Johnson’s course and so she puts on her thinking cap and comes up with a way to seduce the nerdy professor and get him to give her a passing grade. Her plan involves milking his cock dry with her hands and if there is one thing this slutty college babe excels at, it’s tugging cocks. You can see the full length video of the small tittied hottie hard at work on her professor’s cock exclusively at

Brandy Jaymes is a very crafty babe. She knows she needs a good grade in Mr. Johnson’s class and she also knows that like most guys, he could use some sexual relief so she approaches him on a couch and innocently flirts with him while giving him an eyeful of the imprints formed by her hard nipples on her tight red blouse. Then the slender blonde cutie strips naked and pours lube all over her teacher’s cock before stroking it slowly.

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The slow stroking awakes the prick and it grows bigger and longer with each stroke and watching the enlargement in progress gets Brandy James so horny that she spreads her legs and starts fingering herself as she tugs Mr. Johnson’s cock. This chick may not be good when it comes to academics but she definitely gets an A+ in cock tugging and you can see her earning every bit of that grade only at

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Dillion Carter and Ashton Monroe In A Sizzling Handjob Threesome

two teen girls tag teaming a big cockThere is nothing more relaxing than hanging out with your home girl catching up on the latest gossip around town and for Ashton Monroe and Dillion Carter, that gossip is the rumor spreading like fire about how well endowed their neighbor David is. Naturally the slutty teens are curious to see if there is any truth to this rumor so they invite the handsome guy over to join them and they find out in this teen handjob episode from that not only is he rocking a very impressive schlong in between his legs but he’s also capable of producing gallons of semen.

Like most girls around the globe, Dillion Carter and Ashton Monroe’s favorite topic to discuss when they get together is guys and today the guy they are fixated on is their neighbor David who is rumored to be packing major meat in his trousers. The girls want a chance to prove that his dong is as big as the rumors say so when he comes over, they waste no time jumping his bones and stroking the heck out of his monster prick.

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These two horny teen sluts can’t resist fingering their own shaved moist cunts as they both jerk David off. Dillion Carter dives straight for his balls for some sensual ball play while Ashton Monroe focuses on stroking his thick shaft. Then the two-girl handjob takes a turn for the better when the two babes get on their knees before David and start polishing his massive cock rather aggressively. The pressure from the group handjob is too much for the hung stud and causes him to erupt all over the girls’ perky tits.

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Molly Bliss Gives a Sensual Outdoor Handjob

nerdy teen jerking a cockThis very hot outdoor handjob video from gives credence to the cliché that you should never judge a book by its cover because by the looks of things, Molly Bliss is a nerdy teen with big awkward glasses and she looks plain and boring but what the eye doesn’t see is the fact that she is a cock jacking addict who is ready to go to town on any boner and milk it dry.

The boner she has her eyes fixed on belongs to a male friend who stops by her place one day and the dark haired teen nympho doesn’t waste any time with small talk but instead comes clean about her lusty thoughts regarding her friend’s prick. She admits to being curious about jerking it and he caves and decides to help her satisfy her curiosity by pulling out his dick right on her balcony and then watching as the petite teen babe attacks it with both her hands.

molly bliss giving a handjob teen nympho flashes man while jerking him off Molly Bliss jerks off a man in public

Molly Bliss was born to give handjobs and that is evident as she polishes her lucky male friend’s cock. She flashes her perky tits at him as she wraps both her hands around his boner, gently massaging the cut head with one hand while chocking the length of the shaft. This chick gives new meaning to the term choking the chicken – and she makes it look so easy. She tugs at the cock in the clockwise and anti-clockwise directions simultaneously until the big prick explodes drenching her skin and her nerdy glasses.

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Ashton Monroe Gives Her Boyfriend A Lazy Handjob

teen hottie jerks a cock while readingNothing comes between Ashton Monroe and her magazine – at least that seems to be the message this latest episode of is sending out. Well that and the fact that this chick is an awesome multi-tasker who can stroke a prick while reading a magazine and somehow manage to do both rather well.

The teen’s horny boyfriend walks into her room completely naked and ready to do the horizontal mambo jambo but Ashton Monroe is not interested in having sex and would rather focus on reading the juicy gossip in her magazine. He begs her to at least jerk him off and he slides onto the bed besides him with his erect penis in the teen’s line of sight. She keeps her head and eyes glued to her magazine but she reaches across and starts jerking her man’s cock. She strokes him off slowly building up his anticipation and she even lets the straps of her blouse fall to the side exposing her small perky tits.

Ashton Monroe beating her boyfriend's monkey busty teen reaches for lube during handjob session teen babe rubbing an erect prick

The whole while though Ashton’s eyes never leave her magazine. She stretches out her hand and he pours lube in it and then she goes back to stroking his cock without even looking at it. This chick is so good at jerking cocks that it doesn’t take long for her to make his prick burst with an endless stream of creamy jizz. Now that he’s got a bit of relief, the spent guy decides to leave his girlfriend in peace so she can finish reading her magazine. You can see the lazy teen giving her boyfriend a very sensual handjob only at

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Lexi Lee And Amber Tag Team Handjob

two teen jerking off a lucky manLet this tag team cock tugging video from be a lesson to all guys out there – the next time you’re thinking about hosting a game of strip poker at your crib, make sure you invite two hot chicks along for the ride and make sure they are really good at giving handjobs. Ben and Bill did just that and the end result is Ben ended up giving a double handjob from the gorgeous teen babes.

Ben and Bill are desperate to get off so they turn a regular game of strip poker into a competition that goes way beyond just getting naked. The horny guys tell the girls that if they lose, they must service the winner and as luck would have it, the guys win the cards game. When it’s time for the girls to pay off their debt, Ben is the lucky guy who gets to strip naked and watch as the two teen nymphos go wild over his big pecker at the same time.

Lexi lee and amber stroking a big dick naughty teen strokes a cock while her friend watches two teen babes milking one dick

The double handjob is nothing for the awesome tag team partners and they work that big dick like true professionals. Amber takes the lead by jerking Ben’s big dick while Lexi Lee gently caresses his balls and then the two naughty teens take turns spanking the lucky fella’s monkey for him. They knead his hard cock with their soft hands all while flaunting their tits in front of him. The duo handjob action feels way to good and Ben can’t keep his load inside him for much longer so he grabs the edges of the table as a stream of cum shoots out of his erect penis. The group handjob video can be viewed only at

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Hot Massage Handjob With Krystal Orchid

blonde babe scratches a cock with her nailsKrystal Orchid is a masseuse who loves to be in control of her clients. She loves to dominate them and play with their hard tools while they lay helpless on her massage table which is exactly what she does to the naked man laying on the table before her in this latest episode from She strokes the hell out of his cock and he begs for her to make him burst his nut but the blonde teen refuses to make him cum and this is the only place you can see this ruined orgasm unfolding before your eyes.

A man walks into Krystal Orchid’s massage parlor looking for some relaxation with a happy ending and the blonde teen cutie doesn’t disappoint. She strips down to her panties and bra and starts stroking his massive boner until it extends as far as it can possibly go. Then she ignores the sensitive mushroom head and focuses solely on the length of the shaft rubbing it furiously until the friction from her hands almost makes her client explode.

blonde teen strokes a prick with two hands babe giving a sensual massage handjob Krystal Orchid jerks off a client

He begs the dominant teen to make him cum but his pleas fall on deaf ears. Krystal Orchid is having way too much fun jerking the client off to let him cum. She pretends she can’t hear him begging and continues to work his cock with her hands using up and down strokes and when she senses that his cock is about to spurt out a cumload, she stops beating his meat for him. So is she so cruel that she leaves him with blue balls or does she jerk him to completion? The only way to find out is by checking out the full length episode only at

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Brylee Jerks Off Her Step-Brother For Cash

teen babe jerks a big cockBrylee is a cute teen cheerleader and like most teens she is always begging for money. This time her target is Ben, her loaded step-brother but he is dead set on not giving the teen hottie a single penny. Always the quick thinker, the slender teen offers to jerk off her step-brother in exchange for money and he happily agrees. You can see this taboo sibling handjob unfold before your eyes only at

With her long hair in two pigtails, Brylee kneels in between her step-brother’s legs as he lays stretched out on her bed. She relives him of his jeans and then pins his thighs under her long legs as she prepares to get him off with her hands. The naughty teen babe has clearly had some practice when it comes to stroking dicks because she holds down the base of Ben’s cock as she delivers firm strokes to the length of the shaft, working the big hard prick from top to bottom with one hand at first and then using two hands to tug her step-brother’s cock.

teen jerking off her stepbrother sexy cheerleader giving a two hand handjob teen cutie stroking a big cock

Then Brylee lifts up her green cheerleading uniform top and exposes her loopy tits as she steadies herself and moves in for the finale of this bedroom handjob extraordinaire. She pinches her nipples as she grabs the big dick with her left hand and then she uses fast strokes to milk every last drop of cum out of her step-brother’s dick. You have a front row seat to all the cock tugging action and you can enjoy the full length POV-style teen handjob video in the member area right now.

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Sasha Foxxx Makes Billy Burst A Nut With Her Hands

teen cutie tugging a cockMost girls would freak out if they found their boyfriends watching porn but Sasha Foxxx is not like most girls. She’s not just incredibly sexy but she is also very open minded and one afternoon she starts feeling super frisky as she’s chilling with her boyfriend so she tells him she has some Vaseline and a whole bunch of porn DVDs they can have some fun with. The kind of fun this cute teen has in mind involves milking her lover’s big dick and their full length teen cock tugging video is only available on

Sasha Foxxx is not shy by any means and she knows that sometimes a girl’s got to use her resources to keep things exciting in a relationship. Her resources in this case are a box full of porn goodies and a big jar of Vaseline that she slathers all over her man’s big dick and then jerks him off right on the couch. This slender teen cutie is a pro when it comes to wanking off dicks because she dominates Billy’s cock with her hand working it from top to bottom with just one hand.

Sasha Foxxx giving a sensual handjob teen handjobber gets off her boyfriend teen makes a cock spurt out cum

The big prick in Sasha Foxxx’s hands keeps expanding the more the handjob action intensifies and the teen babe alternates between slow strokes and fast strokes while lightly running her thumb over the mushroom head until Billy bursts his nut all over her fingers. The massive amount of cum spurting out of Billy’s cock shocks the exotic teen who doesn’t stop milking the dick until she squeezes every last drop out.

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Zoe Rae Bribes Her Step-Brother With A Handjob

smiling teen giving a handjobLike most teens, Zoe Rae likes to play with her pussy and today is no exception. The sexy brunette babe finds a vibrator laying around and she gives in to her lusty thoughts and starts tickling her pussy with it. Her step-brother walks in on her pleasuring herself and threatens to report her to their parents unless Zoe can jack off his erect boner. She doesn’t want to get into trouble so that is exactly what she does in this sizzling hot taboo handjob video available only on

When horniness calls, you have to answer the call regardless of where you are and for Zoe Rae, her hormones go into overdrive in the living room and so she grabs a massive sex toy and spreads her legs wide open so she can give herself some much needed sexual relief. Just as things are getting really intense, her step-brother busts into the room and the horny teen freaks out because she is worried he’ll tell their parents what she was doing on the couch. The step-siblings agree that Zoe should give her perverted step-brother a handjob in exchange for his silence.

brunette teen toying her pussy teen masturbates while her step-brother watches Zoe Rae jacking off her step-brother

Just as Zoe Rae is getting immersed in jacking off her step-brother, he tells her to vibrate her sweet shaved pussy while pleasuring him and she happily agrees. The horny teen reaches over for the big toy and teases her clit with it while her step-brother watches and then she turns all her attention back to his big throbbing cock which she jerks hard until it explodes.

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Chloe Sky Jacking Off Her Horny Boss

teen babe grabs a big hard dickLet this episode from be a lesson to all slutty teen babes out there – the fastest way to get out of a jam is by offering the person who busted you a handjob -at least that is exactly what the very fast thinking Chloe Sky does in this teen tugging video when she gets caught playing with her pussy instead of babysitting like she was hired to do.

Let’s face it, masturbation feels good otherwise we all wouldn’t do it. Some people do it more than others and Chloe Sky is one of those people. Whenever she is all by herself, the slender brunette teen likes to flick her bean and finger herself until she orgasms and on this day, assuming she has the house all to herself, she spreads out on the couch and slides her fingers to her moist pussy but just as she’s getting in the zone, in walks her boss and he is shocked and excited by the sight of the naked teen nympho. His excitement is evident in the fact that a bulge forms in his pants and once Chloe spots it, she knows she has found a way out of her sticky situation.

Chloe sky jerking a monster prick brunette teen giving a handjob teen with small tits jerking cock

The teen hottie slips off her panties exposing her shaved snatch and she grabs the throbbing prick with one hand, jerking it hard before leaning into Mr. Johnson’s lap and stroking his big dick with both her hands. The pulsating cock clasped in between her tiny hands gets Chloe Sky extra moist in between the legs and she jerks the older guy off faster and faster until he explodes…you can see where his jizz lands only at

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