Three Blonde Teens Milking A Big Dick Dry

three-blonde-teens-seduce-hunkWhat do Vanessa Cage, Sunny Marie and Sydney Cross all have in common? Besides their sexy blonde locks, these teen hotties all love big dicks. They have never come across a big cock they didn’t want to wrap their mouths and hands around as is the case in this latest episode of

The hot blonde teens are hanging out when they spot Billy the local hunk passing by. Naturally, they can’t resist flirting with him a bit and the flirting leads to him being invited upstairs. Like any man, Billy could never turn down an invitation to chill out with not one but three hot teens so he changes his plans and goes inside their apartment. He doesn’t know it yet but the girls have way more than hanging out in mind and the second he gets comfortable, they strip off his clothes and theirs and that’s when the real fun begins.

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With one blonde tenderly caressing the insides of Billy’s thick thighs, the other two blonde teens focus on his rock solid prick and balls. Vanessa tightens her hands around his sensitive head and rubs a thumb across it before sliding her hand all the way to the base of the shaft. When it’s Sunny’s turn, she wraps both hands around the big dick and strokes it really hard bringing the hunky guy to the edge of an orgasm. A few strokes from Sydney’s hand to the dick is all it takes to seal the deal and before long Billy is ejaculating all over himself and the teens’ boobies!

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Vanessa Cage – Caged Up and Ready To Jerk

Vanessa Cage in a cheerleader uniform ready to give a handjob

In this week’s update to we’re given a brand new video and photo set featuring the sexy blonde teen Vanessa Cage! She’s a hot cheerleader who wants to give the stud sitting next to her in class a handjob!

Gorgeous blonde teen Vanessa Cage is in her revealing cheerleader uniform and sitting in class. She hates history and is bored out of her mind. That’s when she noticed the new kid sitting next to her. He’s kind of hot for someone who isn’t popular. She also noticed that he was checking her legs out. There was definitely a bulge in the front of his pants and Vanessa was flattered. She loves being able to turn guys on just by flashing some skin.

Vanessa Cage stripping off her cheerleading skirt Vanessa Cage on her knees and ready to give a tug job Vanessa Cage stroking a hard dick and getting ready for a cumshot

The teacher told everyone in class to study the rest of the chapter they were covering until he returned. He was always going out during class and doing whatever he does. Vanessa Cage thought this was the perfect opportunity to flirt with the new kid. She hiked her skirt up a little further and showed off more of her teen body. The new kid was definitely taking notice. His bulge had doubled in size. Vanessa now found herself impressed. This guy must have a big cock under there!

Being the bold and sexually aggressive teen that she is, Vanessa Cage got up and stood right next to the new kid’s desk. She dropped her skirt and told the new kid if he wants to feel her soft hands on his cock to get up and drop his pants too. He didn’t waste any time in doing so. There they were, two teens in the back of the history classroom with their pants off! She was right; the new guy does have a big cock! Vanessa dropped to her knees and used her cheerleading skirt as a mat so she doesn’t get any rug burn. This girl is a pro!

Vanessa Cage knew she had to work fast in order to not get busted. Who knows when the teacher would return? She placed both hands on the new kid’s large cock and started stroking it up and down. His shaft was thick and it was actually warm to the touch. She loved how soft it was too. This guy must masturbate with lotion a lot, she thought to herself. Her teen hands twisted and squeezed his big dick. The teen babe jerked as fast as she could knowing the bell was going to ring shortly!

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